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Fanatical Service Call
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Public security and safety

  • Our system allows facility staff to control whom inmates call and when. Inmates can be restricted to preapproved numbers, or numbers can be blocked to all inmates.
  • Our system reduces the inmates’ ability to conduct illegal activities from correctional institutions, threaten witnesses, or contact victims
  • All calls are recorded and may be monitored live or at a later time
  • Investigators can track call history by inmate or called number
  • Chain of custody so that recordings and data can be used as court evidence

Reduce or eliminate staff workloads

  • Direct Customer Service for inmates, so inmates do not have to go through staff with their complaints and questions
  • Customer service for families and families
  • Automatic transfer of data from the Offender Management System – no staff action required
  • Assistance on all issues 24/7 through our toll-free number
  • Thorough training provided on an ongoing basis
  • Payment kiosk in the jail lobby accepts cash deposits into inmate Trust funds
  • Prepaid calling handled entirely by Synergy with no action from staff required
  • Visitation scheduler relieves staff of the need to schedule visits manually

Flexibility to keep up with future changes in the institution and technology

  • Customized reports to suit the needs of your institution
  • Customized system programming throughout the contract so that if your needs change we will change with you
  • Ability to quickly change the calling parameters for inmates (for example, go from open calling lists to preapproved phone numbers)
  • Web-based design allows access to administrators and investigators from any location

No cost to the agency

  • Commission paid to the agency on gross billed revenue from inmate calling
  • No line charges, installation costs, or monthly service fees

Affordable calling for inmates and their families

  • Prepaid calling allows inmates to call any number
  • Prepaid calling reduces calling costs
  • System capability minimizes dropped calls

Payment options

  • Prepaid accounts allow inmates to connect calls to any number
  • Payment kiosk in the jail lobby accepts cash and credit cards
  • Webpage
  • Live Customer Service 24/7
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Voicemail communications

  • Inmates can leave a voicemail message for Customer Service, who will reply to the inmate via voicemail as well
  • Families can leave a voicemail message for an inmate
  • Attorneys or Ombudsmen can leave a callback message for an inmate
  • Staff can send a customized voicemail to an inmate or group of inmates
  • All internal voicemail utilize automated voice—the inmate has no direct contact with a live person

Video capability

  • Video Visitation
  • Medical visits
  • Court arraignment


  • Inmates making calls are identified by PINs
  • Voice verification authenticates the inmate making the call to prevent PIN-sharing
  • Capability to utilize other biometric systems, such as iris scan, fingerprint, etc

Fully integrated system

  • Interface with the Offender Management System for the automatic downloading of inmate information. No need to separately create an inmate phone account.
  • Interface automatically records transfers of inmates to another facility
  • Interface with the Commissary system for the transfer of funds to inmate phone accounts
  • We also have to capability to provide commissary ordering over the telephone
  • Capability to connect to fusion centers and other data-sharing systems

Payment Kiosk

  • Located in the facility lobby
  • Kiosks are interconnected – deposits can be made into any Synergy kiosk
  • Accepts cash and credit card payments into inmate telephone accounts
  • Accepts cash payments into inmate Trust accounts
  • Also has the capability to accept payments into bail and restitution

Electronic Monitoring Devices

  • GPS Solutions
  • RF (Radio Frequency) monitoring
  • Cell phone contact to wearer

Public Pay Telephones

  • “Smart” phones communicate with headquarters when they need repair or the coin box is full
  • Sturdy construction designed to withstand harsh use
  • A single vendor to handle both the public phones and the inmate phones

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