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Jail Management

Control made simple and intuitive

Our Jail Management System has not only been praised as one of the easiest to use, it also has more features than the competition.

Our Jail Management System

What we have created is the most comprehensive jail management system available on the market.

We have created the first Jail Management System made simple and easy to use, we didn't however leave any features out. Designed with the help of correctional facilities, this secure and versatile management solution assists in staff operations, while aiding to fulfill unique facility needs. Compatible with tablets and cell phone devices allows you to quickly and efficiently manage your facility on the go.

Our Jail Management System is the most comprehensive software avaliable on the market today. Our JMS was designed specifically for detention centers with unique needs to quickly and efficiently assist staff and to keep a fully functional, secure, and accountable inmate management system. Our JMS has multiple modules available to account for a facility's dynamic needs.

Why chose our platform?

  • Fingerprint Scanning
  • Mugshots
  • Housing
  • Accounting
  • Property
  • Classifications
  • Customizable Forms
  • Incidents
  • Medical Exams and Medications
  • Visitors
  • History & Charges
  • 3rd Party Integrations

  • Cell Searches
  • Grievances
  • Meals
  • Alerts
  • Mail
  • Tablet Integration
  • Commissary & Banking
  • Staff Notes
  • Custom Reports
  • Barcode Check Ins
  • Iris Scanning

What our jail management clients say?

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