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Inmate Telephones

Communications cost effective and secure

Our system provides the most competitive rates in the industry and creates a secure environment for all inmate phones.

Our Inmate Phones

Our phone system runs worldwide on the a secure cloud-based system. We provide services to jails small and large.

Our system is the most up to date in the industry. Utilizing the latest technologies it is fast and reliable.

We have hundreds of jails in the United States and Canada using our inmate telephone platform. Every single one will tell you how pleased they are with the product and service we provide each and every day.

Our inmate telephone system provides biometric voice verify authentication to prevent pin sharing telephone calls. Our inmate telephone system fully integrates with any jail management system.

Why chose our platform?

  • Direct Customer Service for inmates, so inmates do not have to go through staff with their complaints and questions
  • Customer service for families and families
  • Assistance on all issues 24/7 through our toll-free number
  • Thorough training provided on an ongoing basis
  • Payment kiosk in the jail lobby accepts cash deposits into inmate Trust funds
  • Prepaid calling handled entirely by Synergy with no action from staff required
  • Visitation scheduler relieves staff of the need to schedule visits manually
  • Prepaid calling allows inmates to call any number
  • Prepaid calling reduces calling costs
  • System capability minimizes dropped calls

What our inmate phone clients say?

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