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    Synergy Telecom, now offering you more than just
    inmate phones with our Jail Management System,
    Record Management System, GPS Monitoring,
    Tablets, Kiosks, and Video Visitation.
    Quality Care
    Fanatical Service
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    Synergy is an inmate telephone company for the
    facility who wants more. With our Jail Management
    System, Records Management System, Tablets, Kiosks,
    Video Visitation, and GPS Monitoring. We have taken
    the competition to a whole new level.
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    Jail Management
    GPS Monitoring
    Inmate Phones
    Record Management

Welcome to Synergy We are more than just an inmate telephone provider.

For years we have provided reliable and cost effective inmate telephones.
However, we are more than that, we build the strongest relationships and the best service with our clients.

Synergy is Multipurpose

Synergy has a vast array of products and services to meet the needs of any facility.

From Inmate Telephones, to Jail Management System, to Record Management System, to GPS Monitoring, we care for an inmate from the time he walks into a facility to the day he leaves.

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Our products are delivered fast, on-time, and accurate. Waiting for updates or for a call back is a thing of the past. Our team is on the ball 24/7 to provide support and updates to our products. We know you can't wait, so we make sure you don't.


Every day we come to our offices with passion and ambitions to spread our products and services to even more customers around the world. Our passion for what we have accomplished runs deep in every employee and every product. We love what we do and we know you will too.


We believe business relationships, structure, and pricing is most successful around simplicity. We have no hidden fees, no sneaky contracts, and no lies. We even created our software from the ground up to be simple and easy to use, because complexity only makes our customers lives harder.


Since day one we have built our company around the relationships we create with clients. We believe there is more to a company than business, we strive to create quality care and customer service from our biggest sites to our smalles sites. We never miss what matters most to customers and that is the way they are treated by their providers.